Bluechip Projects and Best Sources on Web3

Pfps Have Become an Archetype in Web3

In the Web3 space, one of the most common types of projects you’ll find are these avatar projects widely referred to as Pfps (profile picture or proof for picture).

Algorithmically Generated Artworks are a Perfectly Native Art Form in Web3

Another pattern of computer-generated NFTs I’ve found out there is artwork. One of the early projects in this category is the Chromie Squiggle created by Snowfro. These pieces were generated by a script and created directly onto the blockchain, unlike most projects where the file resides elsewhere either a traditional URL or on the IPFS.

Twitter is Ground Zero Web3 Knowledge

The Web3 space is evolving fast. Really really fast. The best way to keep up with the rate of evolution is to stay plugged into the thought leaders and influencers of the space.



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Hassan Karimi

Hassan Karimi

UX/Product designer writing about Web3